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California’s drought, 2013-current, has changed many things with the way water is used. The dry winter is shrinking the water level in reservoirs. Due to the dry winter, the state and cities have been making more restrictions on water use. Finding new and conserving water is very important at the moment. Free Water Industries is trying to do its part to help California’s water needs. This is a small fraction of a big picture, but we believe that every drop of rain can help California.

Rain Water Harvesting Manufacturers

Rain water harvesting is one of the best options to help relieve us from the drought. Just by having eight of our tanks installed at every house in California and filling it twice by rain, provides enough water for California for 2 days. That being the use of water from the California-Oregon border to the U.S. Mexico border. By doing this, you can reduce your water bill by using the water for your irrigation needs, as plants love rainwater or washing your car. The Irvine Ranch Water District has proposed water rates for 2015-2016. The base rate being at $1.62 per ccf and by the 4th tier, the price will be $14.53 per ccf. It’s not only the Irvine Ranch Water District. The City of San Diego has planned to increase the 4th tier’s price by 225% of the first tier. With a jump like that, it is very important to harvest rain.

Cities are not only increasing the tier prices. They making mandatory water cuts. The City of Beverly Hills is cutting water usage by 36%. The Contra Costa Water District has targeted to cut water usage by 28%. By dramatic cuts like this, we need to realize that water needs to be conserved because it is one of the most demanding commodities for now and the future.